iStopMotion 3

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iStopMotion 3

iStopMotion 3

  • Workflow – Workflow based on convenient presets that keep the complexity from the user
  • Time Lapse Recording – Capture a single frame or a sequence of frames at predefined intervals.
  • Live Recording – You can record real-time events directly into your stop motion project
  • Chroma-Keying – Automatic chroma-key color detection for easier use
  • Animation Features – Animating your scene is the heart of your movie. iStopMotion provides several basic and advanced features to help you animate

iStopMotion 3 includes all of the same great features iStopMotion Pro, Express and Home offered, from HD support and color correction to rotoscope and Final Cut Pro integration.

If you want to make your own movie telling a story on a shoestring budg

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